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Workload Is a workload too heavy or too light? Does it need to be reduced, or balanced?
Just what is the workload in the first place?
JPR has successfully completed assignments to determine workloads and adjust them where:

  • A complaint or grievance suggests a workload is heavy.
  • Management wants to quantify workloads of individuals and crews, before the next labor contract goes into negotiation.
  • Headquarters has one opinion about workloads, the plant has another. What are the facts?
  • Job content or technology has changed; has the operator workload changed?
  • Management has a plan to revamp personnel assignment, and seeks an independent analysis to confirm the concept. (It did.)
  • People and equipment have dissimilar workloads; let's identify and manage constraints then balance activity.

  • JPR is a boutique consultancy that deals with workload issues expertly and rapidly, in manufacturing and service industries. JPR's value is to select and utilize the appropriate tools to evalute and manage workloads objectively, tailored to the client's specific objectives, timing, and budget.


    JPR resolves workload issues according to the client situation and objectives. But usually, when we visit the first step is to quantify the particular positions or equipment by timestudy. That tells us what the workloads are, and how much time is spent on the individual components of activity.

    Observations point out the ways to modify workloads whether the goal is to raise, lower, balance. A valuable step is to pull out activity that does not add value. Change of timing or sequence can benefit, or shifting work to another resource; observations indicate when and where.

    Workloads issues can be resolved, in business or manufacturing or medical facility or government entity or office or shop or lab or warehouse.

    Please call Jack Greene at 843-422-1298 or e-mail to ask about work measurement There is neither charge nor obligation for discussions.

    Deliverables Your organization's specific goals will be unique, and JPR would tailor the approach and techniques accordingly. JPR is able to deliver the result you request, such as:
    • Quantify workloads objectively, for people and equipment.
    • Balance work load for line or crew
    • Point out waste activity and lost time
    • Define how many people are needed to do the job as volumes vary
    • Identify and manage constraints
    • Resolve a contested labor situation.
    What's Next? JPR can help you to determine and resolve workload issues, objectively, within your organization, to achieve your particular goals. We are experienced, objective, and quick. We have the time and ability that perhaps your team doesn't have right now. We can guide, train, or perform the time study.

    Take the next step; contact JPR to discuss the most appropriate solutions for your unique circumstances, timetable and budget. There is no cost nor obligation for preliminary discussions. E-mail Jack Greene at or call 843-422-1298. (Right now I am in the Pacific time zone.)

    Articles We have an on-line article on Workloads. Please click the link to read.

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