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Time Study, Time and Motion Study
How long does a job take?

Task time is a critical piece of information, and JPR can help you to quantify times, objectively.

Our consulting assignments have resolved the following work measurement objectives;
perhaps the challenges you face are similar. Our Time Study book, shown below, addresses these and many other topics.

With today's video clips, JPR has provided time, rate and capacity analysis input to clients quickly, effectively and without the need to travel.

Skilled Labor Shortage If a shortage of skilled labor is an issue for your business, work measurement is key tool. Observe and time your skilled people to identify wasted time and the lower-skilled tasks that are assigned to them. In other words, free up your skilled people to use their talents. JPR is experienced at work and workplace design, at eliminating non-value added activity, at identifying and managing constraints. Please click for the Skilled Labor Shortage page.


JPR is a boutique consultancy that expertly and rapidly applies time study in manufacturing and service industries. One size does not fit all, when it comes to work measurement; JPR does not offer the "buzz-word
of the month", but chooses from proven work measurement solutions to fit your particular circumstances and objectives. Please call Jack Greene at 843-422-1298 or e-mail to ask about work measurement There is neither charge nor obligation for discussions.

Our Productivity and Industrial Engineering Books, click cover for contents. The Industrial Engineering book includes
the contents of Time and Motion Study, Layout, and Cost Reduction; but not Construction Piece Rates .

Books and Articles We have authored definitive guidance for Time and Motion Study, the Amazon book above, our on-line Management and Productivity series, and free information. Please click the link for further reading

For the Kindle version of Time and Motion Study

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Contact For questions or discussion, contact Jack Greene at 843-422-1298 or e-mail.