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Skilled Labor Shortage
How to Cut It's Impact on Your Business

When skilled labor is in short supply, the time and cost to recruit, hire, and train can be pretty daunting.

There is often a better way, and that is to relieve your skilled people of wasted time,
and of the lower-skilled tasks that are assigned to them.

In other words, allow your skilled people to focus on their talents. For instance,

The sales VP directs the sales plan, but doesn't ship or send invoices.
The surgeon operates, but doesn't set up, or clean up, the operating room.
Chances are, the work assignment for your skilled people is not so well organized.

Jackson Productivity Research Inc. can help your organization to remove the factors that often limit output;
to off-load less critical activity to lower paid employees;
to eliminate non-value added activity;
to identify and manage constraints.

How could this play out, in your situation? Based on JPR experience, while each workplace is different, our approach is to:

• Observe and time study the work sequence; what happens, how long does it take, who does it.
• Identify lost time, interference, constraints (waiting on a machine or process), any non-value added due to unbalanced workloads, paperwork, company procedure.
• Analyze work done by the skilled workers and point out poor methods; define tasks that could be performed by a less skilled person, perhaps at a different time or in a different manner or place or on different equipment.
• Critique the workplace and area layout; can complexity or delay, or travel time be cut by layout change?

Task reassignment alone may not require fewer labor hours, but when a lower-skilled employee takes over activities, more output is possible from the skilled position. And, a common result is to identify and remove non-value added activity (or delay or interference) , which does cut labor hours.

Please give me a call or email (at no cost or obligation) to discuss a possible application in your circumstances.
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What's Next?

A simple purchase order is enough to bring JPR to your business. It is quite normal for a client to issue one PO for exploratory work or a first phase, then move on to another phase when results warrant. A PO can call for a particular result, or for a cost Not To Exceed a given value. JPR can tailor its fees by the day, week, or project. We can include expenses in the fee or voucher them on the client's form.

JPR will:

JPR will objectively and confidentially assist you to increase productivity and profitability in all aspects of manufacturing, distribution, service and administrative operations. JPR reinforces your own resources, and brings a high level of experience.

Our Productivity and Industrial Engineering Books

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