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Merge, Consolidate Operations For Productivity

Merge or consolidate to concentrate resources for successful operations, because economies of scale can minimize cost in any economy. But don't overlook facilities and operations, where all the expectations and plans must come together or the new entity won't function. JPR has accomplished many facility mergers, we'll be glad to help.

First plan, and later integrate, equipment, processes, and facilities properly because they affect not only the balance sheet but also the P&L. Often there are several interdependent factors such as:

  1. HR issues
  2. Integrate operations of functions involved
  3. Integrate electronic and manual systems
  4. Inventory and product delivery plan during transition
  5. Customer and vendor relationships
  6. Day to day operation
  7. Plan for the relocation
  8. Prepare the destination facility
  9. Complete the relocation itself
  10. Start up the relocated functions

Consolidation is effective not only for industry but also situations where the output is paper, or ideas, or customer service, or container loads. It works well in military Base Realignment and Closure. Most mergers and consolidations involve the same factors; work, organizations, missions, material, output, constraints, manning, task management, equipment, schedules, and progress reporting.

What Next?

If your organization faces a merger of facilities or operations, whether by choice or to react to economic factors, call Jack Greene to discuss options at 843-422-1298. There's no cost or obligation. or, e-mail us

Yes, you can try to do it yourself; just be sure the ones you delegate have the time and the ability. But your reaction time may be short and, as with most complex issues experience is valuable. JPR has the objective viewpoint and experience to suggest cost-effective options; we have practiced all of these tactics and more; and we will objectively help to zero in on the most appropriate solutions for your unique circumstances, timetable and budget.