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JPR, a Consultancy

JPR is a boutique consultancy that applies layout principles expertly and rapidly, in manufacturing and service industries. JPR's value is to select and utilize the appropriate productivity principles and tools, tailored to the client's specific objectives, timing, and budget.


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Layout principles can address your warehouse issues, such as

Relieve a jam-packed plant.

Cut through a wasteful "spaghetti" flow and movement,
and reduce the length of material movement.

Improve space utilization, or adjust layout to today's mission.

Consolidate operations or facilities; merge.

Grow, add output, technology, new products, capacity or utilization.

Plan and start up an entirely new operation.

Relocate operations locally or to a new community.

All in all, create a competitive advantage with a layout tailored for your particular building, equipment, materials.

How can you achieve an improved or new warehouse layout?

Layouts tend to be infrequent, designed to catch up to changes in equipment, products, volumes, and flow. Get it right, the next one may not occur for a while.

Effective layout involves both theory and reality. JPR applies theory to the reality of the facility and your specific objectives, because all layout projects are not the same. We have done this before, and our experience is a valuable asset.

For an effective layout, theory says first pull out all of the waste. And in a warehouse, waste is often unnecessary material handling. The actual solution is a "chicken and the egg" situation, and will involve placing storage to provide the shortest movement, changing movement paths, perhaps relocating inventory. Of course consideration is needed for both put away and pick operations.

  • Theory says to create a solution for the most important items, and then for the less important items. In warehouse reality, that often means to develop a storage plan and flow path for the large volumes, even if the products with lesser usage suffer. That's OK, prioritize.

  • In theory, place work stations and inventory to amplify their interactions. In reality, satisfy process steps within the limitations of the facility and material handling equipment.

  • The theory to arrange for short and direct material flow paths will be accomplished with regard to material flow, or routing through the process, which leads to sequence and layout of equipment.

  • Theory says to create plans that satisfy not only current but also future space demands, and minimizes space constraints. In practice, it is very common to execute a relocation with a "checkers" game, a series of sequential moves. Phased projects are usually practical.

    But there has to be an empty space on your checkerboard to start with. First move into the empty space, then move something else into the just-vacated space, and so on.

    In a storage situation, an extra square on the checkerboard is often leased space, probably outside. That solution can provide more space, but at the cost not only of the space, but also of extra handling, equipment, labor hours. JPR has worked with clients to develop and implement a plan of action that moves to increasingly better conditions.

  • The keyword is utilization; of space of course but also of equipment where it can serve multiple products; of storage through low inventories; of work through intelligent process flow and proximity of functions.

What Next?

JPR is experienced, objective, and quick. We have the time and ability that perhaps your team doesn't have right now.

When you need a hand, let's talk.

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JPR can assist to create layouts to meet your physical circumstances, objectives, timetable, budget.There is no cost nor obligation for preliminary discussion. Layout projects can be lengthy and complex, but often are smaller and quite straightforward. JPR welcomes your inquiry about either variety.

Jack Greene has headed Industrial Engineering for ITT Latin America and RayBan Sunglasses, and worldwide IE for Abbott Labs. Now as president of JPR, Jack can work with your organization, from strategic guidance at the executive level to practical, hands-on application of factory design and plant layout techniques.

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If you choose to perform the design, layout, planning yourself, buy our Amazon book of layout in general, not just warehouse, It is on paper or Kindle. It will contribute to your knowledge and professionalism.

JPR also offers a free layout guide, five articles and nineteen pages, Perhaps this summary will be enough for your project. Please click on the link to receive the free articles by email. Provide some background in your request, and I can offer a more tailored reply.

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