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Layout and Design for Maintenance Shops

If you have to layout and move a maintenance operation, call JPR; we'll help meet your assignment quickly and professionally, at your site, or remotely with email and electronic drawings. Maybe videos and FedEx.

We have done this before; we have proprietary checklists, action plans and forms that will speed the work. We know that "maintenance" may include production support, metalworking, sheet metal, plumbing, CAD-CAM, electrical, instrumentation, plastics, carpentry and more; they are not all created the same.

Read on to learn more about layout and relocation, and how to reach your objectives.


Maintenance may be asked to lay out or relocate one or more shops,

for a variety of reasons. JPR can help you layout an effective arrangement at the destination, and / or then make the move itself, quickly with minimum disruption to your operations. We can work at your site (usually best) or we'll contribute remotely (may be cheaper and faster for a move of limited scope).

A relocation layout involves two main factors:
1. Define the destination area; size, location, access to utilities and services.

2. List the equipment, furnishings, stores, tools, and belongings that are to be moved. Define the utilities and services to the objects to be moved, so the new operation will function. Easy to say, remarkably hard to accomplish.

JPR can help to plan and administer this phase onsite if requested, using our documents and experience. We can participate remotely but communication tends to require more time.

The relocation move involves a sequence of events;
connect the services needed, name a date, pack up, disconnect, the move itself, reconnect, unpack, start up.

Sometimes a relocation project can require contract help or equipment. In most cases, the shop people have operating tasks to perform, and may not be able to aid in the relocation. JPR knows how to manage these issues, including how to optimize the valuable contribution of maintenance employees in both layout and the move.

JPR 's help to plan and administer the relocation phase is most effective onsite, using our documents and experience. We can participate to a lesser extent, remotely.

Maintenance can be a complex function; its layout may be as well.

An online article in our Productivity Series addresses the specific shop issues and offers ideas on how to resolve them; click to read Shop layout; maintenance or machine or job shop

What Now?

Layout is not just about fitting workstations into a building floor plan, because no two facilities or processes are the same. There will not be a template on the web, or a standard floor plan, that matches your situation. But together we can find a better layout.

JPR can assist you to attain the objectives you esteem in a layout, and to meet your physical circumstances, objectives, timetable, budget.. Call Jack Greene at 843-422-1298, There is no cost nor obligation for preliminary discussion.

or, e-mail us