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Industrial Engineering includes the contents of Time and Motion Study, Layout, and Cost Reduction; but not Construction Piece Rates .

JPR, a Consultancy

JPR is a boutique consultancy that applies layout principles expertly and rapidly, in manufacturing and service industries. JPR's value is to select and utilize the appropriate productivity principles and tools, tailored to the client's specific objectives, timing, and budget.


Free Layout Guides provide layout fundamentals, five articles of 19 pages.
JPR offers a free layout guide, five articles and nineteen pages, Perhaps this summary will be enough for your project. Please click on the link to receive the free articles by email, providing your name and address. Tell me some information about your situation and layout objectives, and I'll include other information focused on that feature. Request a no-obligation discussion if you'd like.

To request the free layout guide, please E-mail , or call Jack Greene at 843-422-1298


Contents of the 19 free pages, five articles

1. Layout, the physical organization of people, materials and machines within a facility
Benefits of good layout, key factors to consider, potential show stoppers.

2. Good layouts enhance productivity
Productivity cuts cost and improves output, and that is what good layout is all about.

3. Product flow is the basis of good layout
Create effective work flow considering the building limitations and the process requirements.

4. Typical layout project sequence
Justify, Plan, Prepare, Move; both major and secondary phases of a project are explained.

5. Model action plan
Projects will differ, but this classic plan of action contains elements that address most factors.


Does this site provide a universal layout template or floor plan?

No, because it can't be done.
Think about it. Different facilities are not the same, nor are processes. There will not be a template, or a standard floor plan, that matches either your facility or your process, much less both of them.

Now, having established that an existing layout is very unlikely to fit your needs, JPR does have an example of how different configurations fit, within certain buildings. One of these may offer ideas for your circumstances.
If not, call JPR for hands-on assistance, at your site or by remote means. Phone, email, videos and drawings often are useful to exchange information especially in early stages.
If you can't get the pages to open, contact me and I'll email the pages.

Open Layout Examples, a .pdf file


JPR as a consultant for a major layout project

If you have a short reaction time, or will relocate several departments, or unravel a "spaghetti flow" of product, or occupy a new building, or consolidate or merge, or put in a new product line, or relieve major congestion, or plan a "checker game" with sequential moves over a longer time, then utilize JPR to gain a greater confidence level for timely success. Especially if your own resources don't have the experience, or the time, to devote to a project.

JPR can supplement the written guides, can provide on-site or remote attention, to resolve specific issues or concerns, within your circumstances. Call to discuss your particular situation, at no cost or obligation. When JPR consults with your organization, we provide extensive proprietary information to assist with the project.


Also free, special purpose articles

About more than layout, these articles are for international companies considering a US facility; and US companies considering off-shoring. Please email and ask for these, free.

Does your international company consider an expansion into the US?
This article explores the elements that affect location and facility selection, sources of qualified employees, taxes and incentives, transportation, utilities, site-sensitive costs. JPR is experienced in site selection and can perform a search objectively, and this is so important, confidentially.

Offshoring and pitfalls; on-shoring
If you consider sending operations to another country primarily for a lower labor cost, (oe reversing the action, bringing manufacturing back) consider the cost factors that apply. This article explains factors that may not be as visible as direct labor, for instance extended cycle times, reaction time to changes, increased inventories. History has shown interruption to schedules, technology and contract issues, health risks for products.