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Plant Layout and Facility Design
The arrangement of people, materials and machines is at the very heart of business productivity;
in an organization of any size;
engaged in just about any endeavor.

Many of our clients want help in plant layout and facilities planning. Management calls us, usually with an objective in mind and we provide what the client wants. We don’t insist on a particular buzzword, but apply our skills to achieve what the client wants. Learn what we are all about from the long list below; buy a book, read an on-line blog or article, download layout examples.

Clients call on JPR because their own resources don’t have the experience or available time to resolve a particular issue. We are asked to do the job, or lead, or support, or teach.

Our consulting assignments have resolved the following layout or facility planning objectives in a wide vaiety of workplaces; perhaps the challenges you face are similar. If so, give us a call.

Relieve a jam-packed plant. This charter usually requires both short and long-term solutions, perhaps a phased approach to keep operating during rearrangement. A sinkhole on this property didn't help.

Create better flow, or more output, with today's product mix. The latest project was a complex pick and ship warehouse, with product up to 40 foot steel beams, plate, bars, tubes. The object was to arrange stock in order to cut crane delay and length of moves. Time study was a major tool of this project.

Revise layout, add output and capacity, facilitate new products. A Naval Air Station prototype facility required fast reaction from its flexible high tech equipment, although some buildings dated back to bi-plane days. Some operations such as prototype shops apply a pack rat mentality to cut cycle length compared to just-in-time.

Rearrange to cut through a wasteful "spaghetti" flow. Good flow is routinely a prime objective for all layout projects, along with space utilization. However the vaunted Amazon warehouses only use eight feet or so of their height, and flow is very irregular. The solution is to layout according to the situation, one size does not fit all.

Layout and start up a new operation, instead of or in addition to; large or small; locally or in a new community. At least seven JPR projects involved moving an operation into a distant existing facility; projects seem always to require a short time frame.

Acquire or consolidate operations or facilities; shut down obsolescent plants, upgrade buildings and equipment. We go through facility planning steps first, then layout comes into the picture as we arrange, and fit in, the chosen process. Watch out for the community permitting process, and the time required.

Find a site for a new facility, with plentiful qualified labor and low operating and distribution costs. Our approach is to quantify in advance the expected acquisition and operating costs in candidate communities, and define what suitable property is available for the short list. (But, where does the boss want to be? Ignore this question at your peril.)


JPR is a boutique consultancy that applies layout principles expertly and rapidly. JPR's value is to tailor layout and facility planning principles and tools, to the client's specific objectives, timing, and budget. We have the time and ability that perhaps your team doesn't have right now. We can guide, train, or perform the layout design.

To improve flow and utilize space, let me suggest three axioms that constantly apply.

1. Layout is equally as useful in the office, the lab, the shop, customer service, distribution and the warehouse as on a production floor.

2. Plant layouts tend to be infrequent, designed to catch up to changes in equipment, products, volumes, and flow. Get it right, the next one may not occur for a while.

3. Layout projects are not all the same, because no two facilities or processes are the same. There will not be a template on the web, or a standard floor plan, that matches your situation. Since you desire a competitive advantage, you won't want a generic solution anyway, you will want a layout tailored for your particular building, equipment, process.

E-mail Jack Greene at or call 843-422-1298, to ask about layout There is neither charge nor obligation for discussions..

Our Productivity and Industrial Engineering Books, click cover for contents. The Industrial Engineering book includes
the contents of Time and Motion Study, Layout
, and Cost Reduction; but not Construction Piece Rates .

Layout and Facility Planning Basics

Your organization's specific goals will be unique, and on a consulting assignment JPR would apply those from the following concepts that will contribute to your specific objectives, because all layout projects are not the same.

For an effective new layout, first pull out all of the waste movement, all unnecessary material handling.

Create plans that satisfy not only current but also future space demands.

Place work stations and inventory to amplify their interactions

Arrange for simple, short and direct material flow paths.

The keyword is utilization; of space of course but also of equipment where it can serve multiple products.

When you include all the stake holders in the development process, the resulting layout will very likely be more well suited to real conditions, and you'll put it into effect more smoothly.

Create layouts to accommodate new technology, additional products or volume. Apply productivity principles to create an effective arrangement, to minimize space constraints.

It is very common to execute a relocation with a "checkers" game, a series of sequential moves.

Office layouts are a special case because they usually are quite visible, and affect both clients and executives.
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