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Capacity, Utilization, and Constraints Capacity and constraints are linked; reduce constraints to raise capacity rise. Utilization is the relationship of how much capacity is used.

Operating resources of course control capacity. But other factors beyond the control of operations contribute. Product mix based on customer demand, line loading, inventory cost, and out-of-stock apply as well, and their interconnected costs and benefits are involved in capacity. JPR is a boutique consultancy that applies capacity and utilization principles expertly and rapidly, in manufacturing and service industries. JPR's value is to select and utilize the appropriate productivity principles and tools, tailored to the client's specific objectives, timing, and budget.


More equipment, space and people can add capacity, but they cost time and money so operating solutions for capacity issues are desireable. Fortunately, specific actions can often be tailored to achieve an organization's objectives, and JPR has extensive experience. A great place to start is to reduce non-value-added activity and waste, since that will add capacity and reduce cost simultaneously.
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Deliverables Your organization's specific goals will be unique, and JPR would apply concepts that will contribute to your specific objectives, perhaps:
  • Pull out all of the waste movement, all unnecessary activity and delay.
  • Manage constraints due to machine, space, process, starting with the most critical.
  • Minimize frequent of breakdown or changeover; shorten the time for each.
  • Is your manning set for minimum headcount or for maximum output? They are not the same.
  • Balance excessive workload of people, crews or equipment because that affects capacity; balance unequal workloads for cost reasons.
  • Relieve crowded facilities or "spaghetti" flow.
JPR has a long track record of success in capacity and utilization. We will be glad to help.

What's Next? JPR can help you to apply capacity and utilization layout principles, within your organization, to achieve your particular goals. We are experienced, objective, and quick. We have the time and ability that perhaps your team doesn't have right now. We can guide, train, or perform the time study.

Take the next step; call JPR to discuss the most appropriate solutions for your unique circumstances, timetable and budget. There is no cost nor obligation for preliminary discussions.

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