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Our Productivity and Industrial Engineering Books, click cover for contents

Industrial Engineering includes the contents of Time and Motion Study, Layout, and Cost Reduction; but not Construction Piece Rates .

Productivity and Management Articles

Many topics constitute the disciplines of productivity and management. In addition to the books above, JPR had authored articles about primary features of some of them, listed below. These topics also constitute our consulting services to a large degree. Multiple search terms may refer to the same article because the terms are interrelated; please click on the link to access the article, or the book cover for more in-depth information .

Capacity Click to read
Consolidate Facilities Click to read
Constraints Click to read
Construction Piece Rates Click to read
Cost Control, Cost Reduction Click to read
Factory Design Click to read
Floor Plan Click to read
Incentive Pay Click to read
Industrial Engineering Click to read
Industrial Engineering Tools Click to read
Layout Click to read
Manufacturing Productivity Click to read
Merge Facilities Click to read
Motivation Click to read
Pareto Principle Click to read
Piece Rate Click to read
Priority Click to read
Productivity Improvement Click to read
Relocate a Facility Click to read
Results Count Click to read
Shop layout; maintenance or machine or job shop Click to read
Time Study Click to read
Utilization, Click to read
Workload Click to read
Work Measurement Click to read

The topics will prove to be a benefit to different organizations, literally any which utilize people and equipment and materials; in other words most endeavors.

Sometimes an organization can use an article to fill in information. Sometimes articles can contribute enough that an organization can perform the work in-house. I'm glad if these articles serve that purpose.

There will be times when a task requires a professional touch, or another set of hands, or a resource dedicated to a project. Please call on Jackson Productivity Research at that time.

What's Next?

You have searched the web to understand how the principals of productivity can benefit your organization, but maybe don't know quite how to proceed. Jack Greene will welcome your call or email. Your particular circumstances will determine just what approach to take, and we'll be glad to describe some practical actions to accomplish your scope, to define options.


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