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Our Productivity and Industrial Engineering Books, click cover for contents. The Industrial Engineering book includes
the contents of Time and Motion Study, Layout, and Cost Reduction; but not Construction Piece Rates .

Free time study guide, instructions, how to perform time study, 18 pages.

Set work expectations. Practice time study, time and motion study, time and motion studies, method study, motion and time study, work measurement time study.

Because the time a job should take
is critical within any organization.

This guide can be a good first step for your project. Please click below to request the free articles by email, providing your name and address and perhaps some information about your situation and objectives. The more I know, the more I can supplement the 18 pages, with more specific information that I have. Call or include your phone number for a no-obligation discussion if you'd like.


Benefits of work measurement, management tools that are based on the data acquired, different techniques and options for measurement and their characteristics, terms and applications, allied tools, a bit of history and bibliography, motivation.

A model plan to establish work measurement will include many of these factors, more or less in this sequence. The scope, degree of emphasis, the amount of formality, the priority of action will depend on the particular organization, and on the purpose for which work measurement is intended.

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What Next?

JPR can help you to use motion and time study to quantify labor and process requirements, set expectations and crew size, balance workloads, resolve conflict. The links to the left explain several examples.

We are experienced and objective, and can respond quickly. We have the time and ability that perhaps your team doesn't have right now.

When you need more than just a form, call JPR to discuss your particular situation.
We are very experienced, and can explain options better than a web page ever can.

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JPR has the experience to suggest cost-effective options; we have practiced all of these tactics and more; and we will objectively help to zero in on the most appropriate solutions for your unique circumstances, timetable and budget. There is no cost nor obligation for preliminary discussions.

Oh by the way, one size does not fit all, when it comes to work measurement.

JPR does not offer the "buzz-word of the month",
but chooses from time-tested work measurement solutions to fit your particular circumstances and objectives.

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If you choose to perform the work measurement yourself, buy our Amazon book, on paper and Kindle. It will contribute to your knowledge and professionalism. Click the book cover above for the print version.

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Work measurement benefits are just as valuable, for office, lab, maintenance, customer service, a hotel, construction, the field and the warehouse as on a production floor. Just about anywhere in your organization.

JPR Services

Whatever your circumstances, objectives, timetable and budget, JPR performs time and motion study, objectively and professionally.

JPR can perform work measurement, can lead a project, can train your people as you see fit.

Jack Greene has headed Industrial Engineering for ITT Latin America and RayBan Sunglasses, and worldwide IE for Abbott Labs. Now as president of JPR, Jack can work with your organization, from strategic guidance at the executive level to practical, hands-on application of time study, piece rate and work measurement techniques.