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Free downloads of time and motion study forms, sheets, templates

The time a job should take is a critical concern for any organization. JPR focuses on work measurement and offers tools and forms and hands-on help to help meet your goals. Click here to open .pdf forms. They're free and you can print them out, courtesy of Jackson Productivity Research Inc. Just remember,

Time study is the basis for payroll and management decisions, it's essential to get it right!

Organizations measure work to update old rates, identify non-value added work and productivity-killing practices, resolve workload issues objectively, prepare for union contract negotiation, schedule production, determine product cost, set crew sizes, improve labor content in service industries, and choose a formal work measurement system; "incentives" or "piecework", or "reasonable expectations".

Be sure to understand how to use the forms, and how to develop and apply rates.

While work measurement is not a moonshot, there are many factors that can affect accuracy and credibility of results.

Depending on the end use of the time study, the practitioner may choose different options such as whom to study (individuals or crew) and when, study detail, number of observations so that results mirror actual conditions, performance rating, non-value added activity, man-machine interaction, line balance, bottlenecks, methods standardization.

Our books and articles explain how to optimize these factors.

Another option to reinforce your own resources is to have JPR perform time study in your location, or to train your time study practitioners in a format designed for your personnel and objectives.

We are experienced and objective, and will respond quickly. We have the time and ability that perhaps your team doesn't have right now. When you need more than just a form, please call Jack Greene with questions, comments and inquiries, at 843-422-1298. E-mail to

or e-mail us

Written resources
"Time and Motion Study" is an Amazon book by Jack Greene. Please click the cover for an overview and table of contents.

This book offers practical strategic and hands-on instruction, to perform time study and other forms of work measurement quickly and accurately. Chapters explain what and why, and list actions to develop, and to administer, standards or expectations.

Read to improve effectiveness and reliability of rates, to reduce lost time and waste motion by highlighting which practices to utilize and which missteps to avoid, and to extend the technical capabilities of your staff.

Please click For the Kindle version of "Time and Motion Study"

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for Time and Motion Study.
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