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Times change, technology changes, but productivity is still key
to an organization’s success, in any year

Even with COVID 19, and changing economic circumstances.

To improve productivity:
Reduce input, (less space, material, cycle time, production time, overhead, non-value-added)
and / or
Improve output (more output, higher capacity, better utilization, fewer constraints)

Classic and modern productivity actions are quite possible, to resolve your particular issues.
Is one or more of these objectives useful, for your organization?

  • Cut Cost; Remove Non-Value-Added Content? From direct, indirect, or overhead accounts?

  • Increase Capacity, Increase Production Rates? Equalize unbalanced workloads; cut out waste, delay, lost time: reduce constraints; trim cycle times?

  • Facility or Plant Layout? To resolve jammed production areas; allow new products, technology or more output; correct poor product flow; improve low space utilization? Introduce social distancing?

  • Time Study and Work Measurement? To establish objective staffing, scheduling, costing? How long the job takes is arguably the most important factor.

  • Facility planning or site search? To provide space in addition to, or instead of? Growth, relocation, consolidation?

  • Make the most of your people and equipment resources? To take the lower-skilled tasks away from your critical jobs? That means those hard-to-find people will have more time available. The surgeons don't clean the operating room do they?

  • What’s next?

    Frankly these productivity practices are not rocket science. But experience indicates some solutions are more effective; JPR can help you select and implement actions with the most potential, tailored to your specific circumstances. Especially if your resources are busy or lack experience.

    Benefits will be quickly evident on the P and L, and in your output.

    Let’s talk, at no cost or obligation, to answer your questions; to see if JPR can help and how we would go about it. A remote solution may be practical, or on site; the extent of the assistance will be your choice. As a start, phone Jack Greene at 843-422-1298 or
    click to e-mail.